under stairs

 DAVID TITLOW isnmuch of a talker, but he doesnhave to be; his photos speak for himself.

It goes without saying —with his dating history with Alexa Chung, his resume (citing Conde Nast. Vice. Esquire), and his flair to stall without ruining the quality of his work —that David Titlow is one to look out for. try not to think about stuff and inspirations until the last minute or the night before, and then it all comes together visually in my head," David tells me after his shoot with Ladyhawke in New York.

Davidart theory: artists are born, not made.”He was born in a cultural wasteland in England, so figuring out which art scene he was gonna fit into proved to be a cruise not so smooth. After going through graphic design and silkscreen printing in art school, he moved on to pursue a career as a pop star-wearing funky purple shorts —as the lead singer for the 80s groovy duo, Blue Mercedes. was becoming very hard work.”David recounts. were dropped by our label, and it just got too disheartening knocking on record companies’doors and being told to Foxtrot Oscar.”Hence, he probed into the realm of photography as an assistant for two years. There, no one had to tell him to fuck off.

David learned to make beautiful things behind the scenes and in smaller spaces. Like Harry Potter with his little cupboard under the stairs of his home in Privet Drive, David and his school camera club first worked inside their own dark room in a cupboard of his London home. But David says. don t have it anymore. Although I would love to have one again under the stairs if I had enough room.”With or without one, David keeps the magic in his photos by punctuating character —sometimes angsty, mostly aloof, but everything submerged in a young, no-bullshit tone. try to keep the shots very spontaneous and I shoot very quickly, but this is not at the expense of feel and lighting.”David continues.


like my subjects to look and feel very cool.”He admits that he doesntalk much to his subjects and that henot inspired by them —even if they are Ewan McGregor, Liam Gallagher, Rupert Grint, La Roux, and Eva Green. But that doesnindicate that Davidan arrogant chap.

was very impressed with Gary Oldman and John Lydon who are both heroes of mine.”

And while heprobably used to celebrities and still dreams to shoot David Bowie, doing fashion editorials with superb model”and his team" is what he loves most. "Celebrity shoots are a bit limiting. Too many cooks,”he says.

Before the interview ends, I quickly check his blog, Trash Aesthetic. David laughs. ve had that account for ages. I guess Blogspot is considered a bit square compared to Tumblr but I still like it.

Itold school.”Old school is always cool, just like his style that captures raw reality. How he hopes people to look at them? they want to cut the picture out and put it on their wall or in a scrapbook," he says. Go ahead. We donmind if you tear this page out.

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