by Yohann Schepacz THIS ARTIST EXPLAINS THE IMPORTANCE OF NARRATIVE IN DIGITAL PAINTINGS AND THE BENEFITS OF APPLYING PHOTOSHOP BLENDING MODE BRUSHES Yohann Schepacz takes a flexible approach to his work: "Think as you paint and paint as you think,”he advises. had nothing special in mind except wanting to have fun and create an epic piece.”Perspective plays a crucial part in expressing the terrain in this image. To create the sense of danger and dynamism, Schepacz applied strong diagonals to the piece. "Everything in the painting must serve the story, the metaphor, the underlying symbols conveyed," he explains. "[You] should pay extreme attention to that. If there s no purpose to a brushstroke, then thereno point applying it." PhotoshopLine tool was used to create a layer of guidelines that sat on top during the whole process. The remainder was painted directly using brushes and careful selections made with the Pen Path tool. The piece uses a great amount of dynamic lighting in order to achieve its moody effect. Schepacz explains how he went about achieving this: s a very organic process. Trials and errors are common. It mainly happens through painting directly, but also by applying Curves, Levels and various colour adjustments along the way, when drastic or general changes are required.” FORM RENDERING Before applying textures and effects, I made sure the image forms were readable by painting the correct values and colours. I carefully followed the lighting and object positions using Photoshop guides. APPLY TEXTURES I applied rock texture layers set to Soft Light or Overlay blending mode. I ensured they read as realistically as possible, connecting to the picture by matching the scale of the object. Colour adjustments and repainting were helpful here. CREATE THE STORY I added two Celtic patterns and a repetitive noise pattern across the whole body that served as an echo of the central symbol. The purple colour was applied to selections with a Color Dodge mode brush.

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