WE CATCH UP WITH THE ONLINE DESIGN COLLECTIVE TO DISCOVER WHAT MAKES ITS LATEST SPECTACLE, NOSTALGIA, UNIQUE Launching its 27th online exhibition, Evoke has become one of the creative industry s most prolific collectives. With a global pool of artists, photographers and musicians, covering a broad diversity of techniques and styles, over its lifetime Evoke has modestly grown to accommodate over 145 members. Nostalgia, the group27th and most recent outing, saw contributions from 35 of Evokes substantial pool of artists. seemed the right time to allow ourselves to be a little retrospective," says Benjamin White, one of the group s top senior artists. "Settling on a theme is normally a lively discussion and consensus a valuable prize, but we always get there in the end. There was consensus that following two more open-ended and freestyle releases from the group, we should reminisce and look to the past for inspiration," he adds. Evoke began life in 2005 when it was founded as a youthful art community by Justin Bristow, Sean Graham and Ted Yavuzkurt. In its earlier years Evoke saw an influx of talented artists join its roster, many of whom have gone on to become established illustrators and designers. grew from humble beginnings but the releases are great exposure for the artists involved, with our latest exhibition being particularly well received and the visitor numbers growing in line with this," White continues. As well as the 27 exhibitions under its belt, Evoke stacks 1,421 high-quality digital illustrations, 377 photos, 121 songs and at the end of this year will hold its first live exhibition of artists’work at TAG Galleries. will keep growing and improving with each exhibition release and explore new forms of artistic expression as well as nurture fresh, upcoming talent." White continues to comment on what s next for this fast-growing collective. will also be looking at opportunities for more live exhibitions, a book format and an inspiration blog from members.”To keep fully up to speed with all of Evokes activities, latest exhibitions and much more visit INTERVIEW WITH BENJAMIN WHITE We talk to one of Evoke s chief artists AP: What makes Evoke unique? Benjamin White: When I hear ’I donjust think of the identity of our online art group, more than that I think of something organic and alive. It s an ever-changing community that ebbs and flows forwards out of common purpose. While everyone knows why theythere, itthis dynamism in its user base that lends Evoke an unpredictability that always keeps it an exciting place to be a part of. Over the years members have stepped into various roles as needed to keep the group sustainable. Ita rich mix of talent, passion and commitment to the community. AP: Tell us about previously featured artists? Benjamin White: Though the individuals active in the group from one exhibition to the next is never the same, we have some long standing members that have uniquely made great contributions over the time of the collective. Ted Yavuzkurt, Matt Dobson, James Merrill, Anthony Gargasz, Parker Gibson, Aaron Campbell and Amy Marie are the names keeping things operational today. AP: How does recognition with Evoke help an artist s standing in the community? Benjamin White: The group offers great exposure for its members to an audience they otherwise wouldnreach. In each exhibition we have eight featured works and a featured artist with an in-depth interview from them. This is a really great way to raise the profile of those artists and help them get more recognition around the scene. AP: What have been your favourite Evoke exhibitions or themes so far? Benjamin White: [It can be] really hard to pick a favourite out, as looking through previous releases theyfilled with such a variety of works, but for me I think it would be exhibition XXIII —Voyage. It was just a really fun theme to work on and be a part of, it also produced some really original and powerful images.

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