Sony NEX – 7

The Sony NEX - 7 is a rangefinder - style compact system camera with a built - in viewfinder - and a high - resolution, OLED electronic one at that


24.3 - million - pixel sensor

2.359 - million - dot, XGAOLED electronic viewfinder

Built - in flash

Magnesium - alloy body

THE SPECIFICATION of the NEX - 7 reads just like the enthusiast - level Alpha 77, yet it is a mirrorless compact system camera. The NEX - 7s pocket - sized body is stylish, intuitively simple and well made from magnesium alloy.

This is the smallest CSC to include a viewfinder, and it is the same 2.359 - million - dot XGA OLED electronic type that is found in the Alpha 65 and Alpha 77, with 100% field of view and 1.09x magnification. Its position on the top left of the body gives the camera a distinct rangefmder feel. Both the viewfinder and 3in, 921,600 - dot tiltable LCD screen offer a high - contrast display with in - camera menus, exposure preview, digital level gauge and gridlines for composition.

What is even more impressive is that a built - in flash and hotshoe port are squeezed into the body, too. Truly, this is a camera that offers all the controls a photographer desires.

Two unmarked dials work in line with the control wheel on the back of the body in what the company describes as a Tri - Navi system. Each of the dials can be customised and together they operate the exposure controls of the camera.

The cameras core is made up of a class - leading 24.3 - million - pixel, APS - C - sized CMOS sensor. As there is no mirror in front of the sensor it performs to its maximum capability, unlike the single lens translucent Alpha 65 and Alpha 77, which have a translucent mirror in front of their sensors that hinders their performance in low - contrast light.

Other impressive features include a claimed worlds fastest shutter - release lag of 0.02sec, an ISO sensitivity range of 10O - 16,000,10fps shooting rate and full HD video recording with manual - exposure control.

What is also great about the NEX - 7 is the optional LA - EA2 mount adapter that has a built - in translucent mirror with phase - detection AF sensor, meaning the camera can be transformed into an SLT with compatibility for Alpha - mount lenses.

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