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Taking self-portraits might not be the easiest thing to do, but itcertainly a lot of fun, as Gina Vasquez explains...

I began experimenting with self-portraits in February 2011.1 started to feel that taking pictures of people was the most interesting thing about photography because of the emotions they experience.

I used myself as a model because I was the only model I had at the time! However, I soon found that creating self-portraits turned into something that I really enjoyed.

Shooting self-portraits was especially difficult at first, but after a while I learnt how to get my emotions across from both behind and in front of the camera.

Every picture I take has a story or emotion behind it, but at the same time Istill very much learning and experimenting. Every time I go out and shoot, I find myself learning something new.

To take the pictures, I use my camera10-second timer, and Irecently bought a camera remote, which makes self-portraits so much easier! The only downside to self portraiture is that I canmake decisions behind the camera for the entirety of the shoot.

Compromising positions

Most of my portraits are taken in public places, so Iexperienced many funny and awkward moments. My mom assists me on my shoots, and we find that wealways running into people at awkward times, such as when wetying light bulbs to trees, gluing leaves to my face, or when Iupside down on a ladder! How can you possibly explain to people what youdoing?

Dogs come and eat my props too. In fact, there isna shoot that happens without an adventure!

wanted portray

Iadvise anyone to take self-portraits-it has certainly helped me learn more about portraying emotion, and about who I am as a person. It has also given me a different perspective when it comes to shooting other peopleportraits.

I make a point to take self-portraits regularly. Ialways happier when Itaking photographs! I recently finished a 52-week photography project and am currently in die middle of a 30-day project. Photography is a part of my everyday life.

The ’shot [01] is the first photo of its kind that I did, after becoming intrigued by levitation photos that others had created. In this photograph, I wanted to portray the uplifting qualities of music.

Shooting yourself

I have always loved the interactions between humans and their surroundings in conceptual portraiture, and for the photo entitled The Art of Camouflage’[02], I wanted to portray the connection between the two. Humans and nature can have similarities that may not always be obvious.

By contrast, through the cold, frozen atmosphere of ’[03], I wanted to

portray a feeling of entrapment and isolation.

The Past Came Back To Haunt Me’[04] image represents how certain memories can come back and haunt your mind, even after theylong gone.

Working in the photography industry is my goal. I love photography so much that I canthink of anything better than taking photographs for a living! Ibe studying photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology this year. I was really excited to be accepted, and I hope it will bring me many new opportunities. I canwait to see what the future brings!

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