Rose Coloured Memories

 your first

Billy Archos

When I was young everything was perfect.

Okay truthfully it wasn. It was far from perfect actually. But if we all had a nickel for every time you, others and myself started a sentence that way, we would all be billionaires.

Of course, the memories become better the more we get together with friends and recall the shared glory days, and as the group of people getting together becomes larger so do the shared memories become grander.

Sport franchises love nostalgia for their financial bottom line; memories sell jerseys.

National anthems and parades make us believe war is romantic freedom fighting and not the pointless anguish of suffering it truly is.

Our minds tend to bend our memories to make us believe that back then things were much better than hey are today.

Flash back right now to your earliest memories playing in the sandbox as a child:

Who was your first best friend?

Did you grow up on the same street together?

What car did you drive to your school prom?

Was that the night of your first kiss? Was it earlier or later in life?

Can you still remember your first love, how and where you met and what the weather was like on that day?

I am sure by now you can almost hear the corny elevator music playing in your head as you remember your own ‘time montage" and relive those golden moments visually through your minds eye.

If you are beginning to doubt the motives of even your own mind to be unbiased about your past, break out that box of old photographs or digital albums, depending on your age.

When you look at that photograph of that amazing time you spent with so and so and this and that happened, does that photograph itself live up to your memories of the same moment, or do you add a rose filter effect to that photo over the years?

A photographer can never do a memory full justice for the same reason a filmmaker can never fully do a book justice on screen.

We attach stories to photographs the way we tend to want to remember them, and when reading a book we see the movie in our heads the way it should be according to our imaginations and not the vision of one filmmaker.

This is why wedding photographers can develop ulcers from the stress of the needs of bridezillas who have years of visions built up of how everything should look.

When they are successful, however, photographers are praised for their work displaying great perspective, point of view, depth of field and the perception of telling a great story within a still image.

In reality, whether it is an amazing photo, song, book, poem, painting or movie, the audience breathes their own life into the artistcreation.

Therein lies the paradox of the observer observing the observer.

When the audience believes that they are peering into the mind of the artist, they are really searching, investigating and sharing their own minds with their needs for those connections to what makes everyone tick and the world around each person tock.It is the viewer who creates the magical illusion of one genius creator by attaching his or her own stories to the inception of the artist s conception. Everyone knows a magician is tricking the audience, but we allow our brains to be fooled because we want to believe that there is more to the world than the eye can see. The audience becomes part of the art and the show, which lends itself to the true joy of being an artist and creating something.

To be an artist with the belief that you are going to create something divinely unique is foolish, but to believe you will photograph, sing, write, rhyme, paint and or film a distinctive inspiration to share for eternity with others is so much more epically beautiful, while being far more realistic.

And if you don t think we all use tools to enhance our past with the perfect photo then ponder the following.

Why do photographers need any editing tools on a shoot day or why would post editing software even exist?

There is a reason why people in-group photos say cheese and have Prozac smiles plastered on their faces before the flash goes off.

It tells a positive story everyone will want to remember.

A skillful photographer, to have people look organic in photos, captures the essence of

true beauty and the candid moments when no one is posing or aware of the camera. Even then the talented eyes of the photographer ever so quickly plans that organic moment.

But the best of the best-captured moments that we adore for reasons we never fully understand are the rare glorious mistakes. The mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa painting; the infamous photo entitled simply, Girl,’shot by National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry; and lest we forget those famous lines from your favorite songs or movies that were actually adlibbed and unscripted delightful accidents.

Mistakes usually make for the best art, because we dontry to force the memory to happen the way we think it should unfold.

The famous photographs themselves in the public eye are worth nothing without the minds of society adding stories and folklore to them.

As for that private photo you glimpse at from time to time it means nothing without the perfect beautiful memory you have attached to it even if it is not completely accurate.

After all being human, in search of freezing that perfect moment in time, is what made us take that photograph in the first place.¦

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