Rosco LitePad Loop LED

Rosco has a distinguished history of supplying filters and diffusion materials to the film industry. Its LitePad Loop is a professional ring-light system that incorporates LED technology to produce a cool-operating continuous light source with a flattering indirect light output in true ring light tradition. Although primarily developed for medical and scientific macro work, ring lights have been adopted in stills and video work for everything from high-end fashion and beauty to advertising photography, imparting the trademark highlight in the eye and soft, even shadow surrounding the subject. The mounting assembly of the Rosco LitePad Loop is very robust. The main blocks are beautifully engineered from bar-stock aluminium, with the knurled locking nuts easy to tighten and slide back and forth on industry-standard 15mm rods. Particularly satisfying is the powerful magnetic adapter that snaps the circular LitePad into place, holding it securely around the camera lens. The set-up has a modular system feel, with different rod lengths and brackets that are easily interchangeable. At the heart of the system is the LitePad, which has LEDs arranged around the inside and outside perimeters of the circular opal Perspex diffuser, with a magnetic filter and mask holder in the centre. The range of adjustment is sufficient to centre the lens exactly in the LitePad, which is very important in achieving a perfect symmetrical ring-light effect.


The  light engine , as the Loop s source is known, instantly gives a beautiful cosmetic quality of light. This really flatters the subject, with lines and wrinkles disappearing. The light appears much softer than flash-tube-based ring lights, and is so much more comfortable for the subject in extended sittings as models don t squint or blink as much with this source. The downside is that it doesn t have the same power as a flash unit. However, problems with redeye, which are a common occurrence with flash systems in low light, are not an issue. While this is a lightweight system, it is not really feasible to use it handheld, as it needs mounting on a substantial tripod head for secure support. I tried the LitePad Loop with the optional battery pack that attaches under the rails. Although there was the obvious convenience of not being tethered to a power supply, I was disappointed by how securely it was held in place by the attachment screws. Also, the activation switch was not easy to access. Rosco LitePad Loop LEDVerdict THE ROSCO LitePad Loop LED ring light is a superlative lighting system that is well made, although with its recommended retail price of ?599 it is not cheap. This professional unit is aimed at photographers who use a ring light a couple of times a week, and the clear advantages over flash-based systems would make this a good long-term investment. An extensive range of filters and masks extend the scope of this already very capable light engine. However, the low power could be an issue if used as a single light source.

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