Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, especially when it comes in the form of Seventies faded and overexposed photographs PHOTOGRAM is an app that acts like a Photoshop palette, remaining open in your interface. There are 15 effects in the superbly simple and well - put - together program. Once downloaded and installed, it is accessible via Window>Extensions along with other palettes. The aim is to create that special era of photographic experimentation, when light had a mind of its own. Expired Polaroid, Holga, EktaCross, Wrong Velvia, Polaroid Impossible and Diana Cross Velvia are the names of some of the effects in the app that discolour, fade and blow out image exposure in uncontrollable ways. Effects are applied to a duplicate of the image, so you re able to alter each one using the Opacity slider in the Layers palette in a nondestructive way. The app works quickly when you re hopping between effects, and because there s no need to close down and open the program, there are no load times. Light Leak and Date Stamp are two additional features that will complete each vintage styling. They re quickly applied by sliding little buttons to an On position after selecting an effect from the palette. Light Leak, for example, can be varied by repeatedly clicking on a style, changing its position and angle. The same goes for Date Stamp, where the numbers don t have to stay in just one corner. There are multiple options to crop an image using the aspect ratio options inside the palette. Framing dimensions include 1:1 for square images, while 4:3 and 2:3 give more rectangular dimensions. The last is 16:9 for true widescreen, which is all very handy for controlling the image s framing. We would love to see more apps like this in the future that are for all versions of Photoshop. The one click simplicity of the palette s interface, its low price and range of desirable effects are unrivalled for desktop Photoshop users.

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