Protech Repairs

  Based in Ukfield. East Sussex, Protech is an established repair agent with over 25 years  trading and oegan offering an infrared conversion service around four years ago. Protech only converts DSLRs by Canon and Nikon DSLRs, along with the Fuji FinePix S5 Pro. Prices for Nikon cameras start at £210 for the D70, D1 and Dlx, other APS-C models cost £250, while FX-format (full-frame) models are £300. Canon DSLRs cos: £250 to convert, apart from full frame models, which cost £300. The Fuji S5 Pro costs £250 to convert. The work, which carries a 12-month warranty, includes cleaning the camera and ensuring it s in full working order before and after the infrared conversion, including adjusting the focus. As well as 590nm, 665nm, 720nm and 830nm conversions, a clear filter option is available.Nikon DSLRs Jordan Butters sent his Canon EOS 450D for a 720nm conversion and in a matter of days the box arrived back, complete with the revamped EOS 450D inside. Protech had left no external evidence that the conversion had taken place. The camera had been returned with a Custom White Balance loaded on. so it was ready to use out of the box. Protech also advised on how to set White Balance yourself, essential for shooting in differing light conditions. Shooting using a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L zoom, images are sharp and autofocus remains as accurate as before the conversion. The 720nm filter produces fantastic black 8 white images or, with a spot of channel swapping, stunning blue skies and bright-white foliage. Protech s expertise in the field of infrared conversions j is clear to see and its telephone support and customer service, both pre and post-sale, were flawless. Advanced Camera Services Based in Norfolk, ACS has been converting cameras for several years and has a proven track record for expertise and good service. ACS handles the majority of DSLR brands, as well as Compact System Camera and premium compacts, too. Canon, Nikon, Sony. Pentax and Minolta DSLRs can be concerted, but Olympus E-series are excluded. It should be noted that some early Pentax *ist D-series models weren t particularly well made and parts for the Minolta DSLRs are very limited, so conversion is often at the owner s risk. Panasonic Lumix G and Olympus PEN CSCs can be converted, as can Canon s PowerShot G-series (G9 to G12). ACS offers extension options for infrared conversion, including 590nm, 665nm, 720nm and 830nm. It also offers Quartz Window and UV conversion, which are used for specialist applications such as medicinal and crine-scene photography. Before converting the camera, ACS sen/ices it to manufacturer s specifications to check it s working correctly, then following infrared conversion, the back focus is reset for infrared. The workmanship comes with a six-month warranty. Prices start at around £250, although some models, including full frame and semi-pro DSLRs like the Nikon   Editor Daniel Lezano sent a Samsung GX-10 (10.2-megapixels) for720nm conversion. It was returned within a week and performs faultlessly. DNG (Raw) files taken using the 18-55mm zoom and a Pentax 12-24mm are sharp with a strong infrared effect. ACS is highly recommended thanks to its expertise, fast sen/ice and the range of cameras it can convert.

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