All-weather camera for an affordable price revealed PENTAX HAS announced the K-30 -a mid-range DSLR boasting 16.28-megapixels ard a compact, weather-resistant bcdy. While we ve yet to handle the camera, the specification provided by Pentax is impressive. As well as a decent image resolution, the camera appears to have been designed to look and feel far more expensive than it is, with weather- and dust-proofing, a thick handgrip and glass prism finder with near-100% coverage. The range of features is excellent too. with a l/6000sec top shutter speed, Full HD video, top ISO rating of 25600, six frames-per-second drive and built-in shake reduction. The K-30 is available from the end of June in a choice of black, white or blue for £600 body only, plus a number of kits including £650 with 18-55mm zoom, £680 with 18-55mm weather-resistant zoom and £830 with 18-55mm and 55-300mm weather- resistant zooms. The Digitat SLR Photography team are all fans of the Pentax K-series of DSLRs which, although not having gained a significant proportion of the market from Canon, Nikon and Sony, have proven to be very capable and enjoyable cameras to use. We expect the K-30 to offer an excellent alternative for those looking for a fully featured budget DSLR and hope to test it soon. Pentax also announced the smc PENTAX-DA 50mm f/1.8, which provides an effective focal length of 80mm, making it an ideal portrait lens thanks to its short telephoto effect and very wide aperture. The 50mm also boasts a round diaphragm to produce a natural.

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