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The latest refresh of the Panasonic Lumix TZ line sees not one but two new additions: the TZ25 and the TZ30. Whereas the latter maintains the full feature set with which the TZ series has become synonymous, the former is slightly stripped back in terms of its specifications-thus making it the more affordable option.

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Despite the omission and reduction of a handful of features, the TZ25 nevertheless manages to impress by what it does offer.

It features a 1/2.3in CMOS sensor with an effective resolution of 12.1MP, which is slightly lower than the 14.1MP found on the TZ30. Its focal range is also narrower than that found on the TZ30; whereas that camera offers a 20x optical zoom, the TZ25 makes do with a 16x optical zoom covering a 35mm equivalent focal range of 27-432mm. The TZ25 also lacks the GPS technology found in its launch partner. Around the back there s a 3in, 460k-dot TFT LCD screen which offers a 100% field of view. While it measures the same as the screen found on the TZ30, it doesn t have its touchscreen functionality (which may or may not be desired, depending on who is using the camera).

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The TZ25 s design will be instantly recognisable to users of previous TZ models. A solid mode dial sits on the top of the camera and offers quick access to a range of shooting modes, while a dedicated video recording button also resides on the top-plate. Furthermore, despite the camera s wide focal range, the body remains relatively slim.

The camera s button layout lends itself to a pleasurable user experience, and overall performance is impressive. Focus is fast and, as with the TZ30, the model s Power O.I.S. technology also makes noticeable differences with regards to sharpness, with the benefit of 1-2EV stops of usable shutter speed in most situations.

Despite the 2MP drop in resolution between the TZ30 and the TZ25, the latter is still capable of capturing an impressive amount of detail. The drop has also allowed the TZ25 to offer the same, if not more impressive, high ISO performance, with images up to ISO 800 proving eminently usable. Its 16x optical zoom also offers a good level of sharpness, although when images are viewed at 100% there is a slight dropoff noticeable towards the edges of the frame.

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