ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD HELPS CREATIVES TO EASILY COLLABORATE ON PROJECTS, BUT THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER ONLINE SITES THAT OFFER A SIMILAR SERVICE. WE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK The launch of Adobe Creative Cloud has provided many solutions regarding the way creative professionals share and assess their design projects. Adobe has addressed counter-productive issues, constructing a deluxe hub for sharing and collaborating. Many factors help to make collaboration easier, including the ability to drag and drop images, scrutinise layered files, share images privately or publicly and permit recipients to download and comment. Cross-platform apps are another huge gain, meaning users can access files in the Creative Cloud from their mobile devices. The ramifications of such a platform are exciting. Though the Creative Cloud offers a lot more than just a collaboration tool, the sharing aspect is something that has been in existence for a while through other online collaboration websites. ConceptShare (, founded in 2006 by Bemie Aho, Chris D Aoust and Scott Brooks, is just one example. This collaboration software was inspired by the desire to eliminate email as the primary way creative work was reviewed. This quickly snowballed into what CEO Nish Patel describes as a application, which scales to any sized team and industry”. ConceptShare does this by enabling users to view or play back projects and apply mark-ups directly on top of video or print work, through simple tool sets such as Brush, Pointer, Crop and Text. This software provides many other advantages for Photoshop users, notably its Compare Lab option. This enables viewers to scrutinise impressive pixel-level changes live on-screen, through advanced options such as OnionSkin fade transitions. LayerVault ( is another useful online option available to Photoshop designers, set up by Kelly Sutton and Allan Grinshtein. Aimed at freelancers and smaller startup agencies, this platform is popular with many creative users due to its unlimited storage space. LayerVault s affiliation with modem designers is reflected by its stylish interface, with easy-to-manage visual timelines. Intuitive toolsets include a Color Picker and a Smart Ruler to check layouts. The Wormhole tool highlights a part of your design and tells you how many times that area changed in a resulting timeline. Sutton explains some of the further benefits of his online service: you sign up for LayerVault, we install a OS X client application that sits in your toolbar. Every time you hit Cmd/Ctrl+S on a design file, we save that change online. A fileentire history can be seen on the website.” With so many existing services driving the market, ita matter of choosing what suits you best. Adobe Creative Cloud is looking to get ahead of competitors by unleashing a constant stream of innovation, new features, apps and services, but you also get access to the entire Master Collection of CS6 programs. Eric McCashey, senior marketing manager for Adobe Systems, explains: ability to share work created using Adobe products across desktop, mobile devices and the cloud makes it far easier for people to collaborate and reach their creative potential.” You certainly get what you pay for with the Creative Cloud if you need access to programs like Photoshop, InDesign and more on a regular basis. However, if you are simply looking for a way to share imagery with other artists, then take a closer look at the websites featured here, as they may offer you just the solution that you need.

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