Nikon 60mm f 2AD AF Micro

 Nikon 60mm

 After a decadeuse, Ben Brain still loves this versatile Nikon lens

The Nikon 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro hasnreally changed all that much since the late 1980s. It has evolved a little to keep up with the latest digital gear but has essentially remained the same.

And with good reason too-ita corker. Ibeen using mine for about a decade now and itwithout a doubt my to’lens. Itthe only lens I own thatso versatile that italways in my camera bag.

 Nikon 60mm

I originally got the lens for my Nikon F4 film camera when I was shooting a lot of weddings. The 60mm focal length and macro capability were perfect and meant I could switch from detail shots to medium-length portraits without having to change lens. Naturally, this proved very useful on the big day.

When I was backpacking through India, it also proved to be the ideal companion for die travel photographer, not only for its versatile normal-to-short-telephoto focal length but also for its light weight. Itpretty small in size too, and doesndraw as much attention as my massive and heavy 80-200mm f/2.8.

I switched from film to digital about seven years ago, initially to a Nikon D70 with an APS-C sensor. While generally frustrated with my ’set of focal lengtiis, the one exception was the 60mm Micro-it was now a great 90mm. That made

 Nikon 60mm

it just perfect for portraits, especially with the widest aperture of f/2.8 creating a lovely shallow depth of field. However, itworth mentioning that despite the lensspeed, the bokeh isnquite as beautiful as that created by my 80-200mm f/2.8. However, itconsiderably lighter and much easier to carry around, and it doesnrequire super-fast shutter speeds to avoid any camera shake.

As a macro lens, the 1:1 reproduction ratio is perfect for the kind of macro photography that I enjoy, and as I rarely photograph small animals that donwant to be disturbed, it doesnmatter that I have to get pretty close to the subject.

 Nikon 60mm

Despite being over a decade old and having travelled half way round the world, my 60mm lens is still going strong and is generally fairly robust. Ittaken

Above: this small and light macro lens can provide life-size magnification

a few bashes (in fact, itbeen dropped a few times) and while the casing is far from mint, it still works. Having said that, the autofocus has been a little sluggish recently and therea wee rattle, so itperhaps time for a service.

Overall, though, as if you hadnalready gathered, I love this lens and can genuinely say that if I could only use one lens, it would be this one.

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