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What planet are you guys on? But Ryan's bio dad had other kids. Tits out uk. I almost died laughing! But it will be interesting to see what else "comes out" about Steve Considering you ARE, R - your verification is really of no value.

He's not only gay, but a bottom I dont see Derek at all that way. This bracelet is made of sterling silver and comes in silver, black, rose and gold colors. Although I'm sure you'll be accused of posting as ME now that you brought it up! But quit whining at me and everyone on here for pointing out the bleeding obvious, which is that the whole cast is gay! I didn't think it was right what that 1 seller did to Steve, asking him to cancel the open house at the last minute.

Ryan is a homo pretending to be straight for the cameras. Steve gold model naked. Not a fellow realtor. It's just a fact of life. Also another "friend" of Steve's who just happens to be a hot Chelsea queen I wonder if half the reason he entered into that fake marriage is because his family had disowned him for being gay and a fake marriage was the only way to get them to tolerate him. If you want to insist his marriage with Emilia is real, so be it. Pussy mom pics. Luis is worth probably only 5 million.

Whether it's a guy or girl doing it! They were talking about "relationships" and there was a definite "inside joke" going on between them. Also count me in on those who think he and his driver Bradley Cooper have or had something going on. I dated one of Cher's back-up dancers, who I met at a party at her house. Steve obviously thinks everyone wants to sleep with him.

I don't have to! He also wants to tell the therapist, which is why he's in therapy as he needed someone to discuss this with but can't seem to bring himself to do that unless maybe that already happened in private when there were no cameras around.

And yet Bravo STILL insists on try to pass Steve off as "straight," complete with making him go out on a "date" with a woman albeit a very fake looking one!! They've been very uncooperative. All I know is what i see and what i see is an annoying self absorbed ex porn star whos family probably has some bank which allowed him to leave the porn world and recreate a life in real estate which seem successful. You must be joking I am very afraid to learn where you might live what you might look like and what sorts of people you surround yourself with.

Where will he move to next? And besides, he's blowing through whatever "savings" he DOES have awfully fast! Not in real estate, honey. I noticed that too on the last episode. R, I didn't "do" anything.

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I'm "dumb" for acknowledging he's good looking?

She was twice his age with more plastic surgery done to her face than Michael Jackson!!! Well, this is a case in point. R - It actually makes sense when you think of it as Luis running away before the people around him get to truly know him. Girl kidnapped naked. I'd much rather look at a muscular black stud with no body hair!

He put me in touch with the architect who then put me in touch with the owners' agent who I stalked for over a month in order to make sure no one else got ahead. The story line with steve's co-lister is just bizarre. Bravo and Andy Cohen don't want all three of the guys to be out even though that would be kind of fun. Steve gold model naked. He certainly is the "straightest" one of the lot, but with this group, that isn't saying much.

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Just because someone disagrees on something doesn't make them a Frau. It is beyond clear to me that he is gay and desperate to cover up. Steve looked especially delicious when he stepped outside to smoke and he had that white shirt on. Ebony squirting xvideos. He's in over his head and she's using him and her family sees him as an American joke. He needs to get better at reading people and improve his skills in that area so he can avoid crazies and time-wasting nut jobs and stops getting jerked around.

Tell us about your current workout regimen. The women on the show don't dictate what happens. I think he does this on purpose to maintain the persona he's trying to project. I don't find Steve attractive at all.

Another photo of Derek's "studio" for R R, like I have the actual names and addresses of the men Ryan fucked! Sadly, I've worked with women just like her and they're truly tragic. Rich people relationships are almost always based on need and power. The new guy is much more laid back and far less full of weird quirks. Girls who love ass. Did anyone notice that Bruce Bozzi was bartending? I really don't know.

Your email address will not be published. Derek doesn't want to become that person with Freddie's baby. I don't think so. Yeah, that usually happens when you go off your meds.

If properly managed, you can retire after doing that for a number of years, depending on how you spend and how you intend to spend. Luis is at the very least bipolar. R, Ryan was a completely different person during Season 1. According to celebrity net worth ; Luis D.

Same with male interior designers and hairstylists. I know it's hard to find here in NYC, but I have met a few. And Derek is one of them!!! Good thing he landed his sugar daddy. You're the only person dumb enough to believe the rubbish that these men are straight! If your parents are big shots. I wouldn't be surprised if they create a baby like Jimmy Fallon and his wife did, or Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake did! And, in a poetic way, it's kind of great that I have never been because I will be seeing Paris for the very first time when I plan to stay, just like I did in New York.

The silly personality is just an act. Ryan is a homo pretending to be straight for the cameras.


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