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 The Sun s Dickie Pelham captures Chelsea s Champions League glory

"IT WAS A LONG DAY that had a busy start and a chaotic end. We arrived in Munich at 7.15am as we had to collect our tickets at noon that would determine our pitchside spot

I got number 13. which is apparently lucky in Germany. We then did our own thing until 5pm. when we collected our bibs. There were around 150 photographers covering the game and my spot for both halves of the game was at the Chelsea end behind the goal. Before the match.

I set up a D3 with 24-70mm on a remote trigger behind the goal at the opposite end of the pitch to capture the goalmouth action. The only time I was allowed to move to the other end was for the penalty shoot-out. During the game, I mainly used my D3s with a 70-200mm, then after the game, when shooting the players with the trophy, I used it with a 14-24mm lens and SB-900 Speedlight flashgun. The stadium was well set up for the photographers, with ethernet around the pitch for easy transmission. My trusty technician, Jamie, was sat behind me, so I d pass him my memory cards and he d edit and send off the images back to the office. In total we wired around 170 back to The Suns picture desk.

the final was much like any other game, but the fun really began after the last penalty. Photographers aren t normally allowed on the pitch, but one photographer made it through and everyone else followed. It was like the old days where you sharpened your elbows and used every trick in the book to make sure you got the pictures you needed. A Dutch colleague slammed my head with his elbow at one point, I returned the favour later with a crack to his ribs. Wegood friends, but he d crossed the line and I let him know! There hasn t been a ruckus like that for years and you could see it on the players  faces that most of them had never experienced it before! It was essential that I got a good team photo with the trophy, as I knew The Sun would want to use it across the back page. I also aimed to get as many shots of the main players with the trophy as possible

JT (John Terry), Ashley Cole and Lamps (Frank Lampard) know me from the Premier League, so I was able to get shots with strong eye contact. The Sun used several of the images in the Monday edition, so it was a good night all round for the English.”

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