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Baby portraits

The ups and downs, techniques and tools for photographing those special bundles of joy

THE ARRIVAL OF a new baby is one of those special moments in life that any proud parent will want to capture and cherish. Before you know it they will be walking and talking, and those first months will be confined to memory. Babies stay small for a surprisingly short period of time, so take a moment to capture the details while they are tiny. Concentrate on hands, feet and facial features, such as their eyes, ears and nose, using a wide aperture to isolate the details. A nice touch is including the parents in some of these shots to give a sense of scale - for example, the baby gripping Mum or Dad s finger, or holding the baby s foot in their hands as our step-by-step shows.

You ll need patience, understanding and a bit of luck on your side, but persevere and you can capture some great images.

Working with babies

When photographing babies, patience is a valuable asset. Rarely will you get the shot you want when you want it. Come prepared with a bank of different ideas and be prepared to change direction at any moment; very often, your session will not go to plan. Ultimately, the shoot will be dictated by the baby s mood, temperature, whether they are hungry, tired or need changing. Sometimes you feel like you are along for the ride, and the trutn of it is, you are. The best you can do is be prepared, patient and work quickly within the baby s schedule.

Top tip

To keep the baby comfortable, crank up the room temperature and avoid draughty areas.

It s popular to photograph babies semi- or fully-naked, but check with the parents first to make sure that they are happy for you to do this.

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