by Mike Harrison, Pete Harrison and Chris Haines INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS EXPLAIN THE ENERGETIC EFFECTS APPLIED TO THIS COLLABORATIVE PIECE USING PHOTOSHOP The model choice for this bespoke piece was fairly important. This had to offer all three artists the ability to apply their trademark energetic styles and effects. wanted a model with an interesting pose with some nice angles going on,”explains Chris Haines. Angles helped the team to bring action to the artwork, through a series of different techniques. "We used a bunch of manipulated brushstrokes for the light streaks and glows that follow these directions," Mike Harrison tells us. also combined larger, coloured lighting streaks behind the model with bokeh texture and flowing particles, which Chris Haines created.” Colour vibrancy shifted this image up a notch, as Pete Harrison reveals: treatment evolved quite dramatically from start to finish. The key was using an array of different adjustment layers, such as the Channel Mixer, Gradient Map, Color Balance, Levels and Hue/Saturation to fine-tune every aspect of colour until we were satisfied." The image also shows a distinct cutout effect, which the team used the Pen Shape tool to achieve. applied selections to shapes then applied a layer mask to these selections on the model layer. This 3D effect was then painted in,”Mike Harrison explains. linework you can see around her face and parts of the body was added with a Wacom tablet, accentuating edges and highlights.” CUT OUT SHAPES The initial stage was to cut the model into our canvas, then remove shapes from her body, using the Pen tool and a layer mask. We also applied large varying colour brushstrokes in behind. This will serve as our base effect. ADD ENERGY For the light streaks we used a soft brush and transformed it to make it into a thin streak. We applied an Outer Glow layer style, brushed in more glows to the centre of the streak, setting the blending mode to Overlay or Screen. DETAILS AND COLOUR We painted around some of the edges of the model with a small white brush, which was tapered at each end. For the colour we used a combination of adjustment layers and boosted the saturation a lot to really make it pop.

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