Dan Sakai explains how he took this dynamic travel shot while on a trip around the Maldives Fast settings Dan only used natural light and took the picture with a Canon EOS-1 D Mark III and 24-70mm lens set at 38mm. The exposure settings were 1/400 sec at f/5.6, ISO100. Sea and sky Dan used the clear, pale blue waters of the Indian Ocean as the backdrop for this shot of three somersaulting football players on the island of Dhidhdhoo in the Maldives. Seizing the moment "These guys were keen to show off their athleticism," says Dan. "They asked me to take a photo, so I grabbed my camera and followed them to the edge of the water." Precise formation The men s striking mid-air positions are vital to this image s success. "I liked this frame the most," Dan says, "because the angle of all the guys is aesthetically pleasing." Timed to perfection Dan shot a burst of images as the three men somersaulted. "I love to capture and freeze a moment, and shot this frame at the height of their leap," he says.


"Shooting moving subjects with a fast shutter speed allows you to capture fleeting sights that might be impossible for the naked eye to see. The shutter speed you ll need to freeze movement depends on the speed of your subject. Use a wide aperture and try anything from 1/400 sec or faster." Chris Rutter, technique editor

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