Panasonic has the slogan: "Ideas for Life," and Lomography: "Don’t Think Just Shoot." GoPro, on the other hand, go for something less pretty in the line of mantras and decided on the strapline: "The World Most Versatile Camera." Last month we hit the road with the GoPro HERO2 and used it in a fashion that it was designed for, to test not only its versatility but its durability too — attaching it to a bicycle and witnessing all the dirt, drops and dips in our documented journey. This time we are taking their slogan to heart and testing just how versatile this camera is in producing video, time lapses, stills and a whole array of imaging joy. Not only did we go beyond pedal power, we somehow managed to fix the GoPro to PMs Art Editor’s dog, Bella. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the process of this test. SET-UP "Initially I wanted to find out what she did at home when we were away at work, but then we thought it might be a bit boring as she only confined to a certain space. So we decided to take her for a walk in the park to find out what it was like at her level, seeing things through the dogs point of view, and for a bit of fun too." Discovering something about Bella that they never knew before, Noel found the process of attaching a GoPro to a dog rather difficult. "It was a nightmare. Because she not a massive dog and the straps weren’t small enough to go round her, we found the set up rather tricky. I was trying to use the brackets and straps that came with the camera which meant it would have sat on her back, but I wanted it to be beneath her to get some dogeye view images." As any dog owner would understand, trying to attach anything to their furry friend is a challenge, let alone a camera. So it was third time lucky after wobbly cameras and incorrect settings, but the hard work was worth it when his final attempt of fixing the GoPro via a harness paid off with stability and satisfactory results. "The challenges were to not upset Bella and not to have the GoPro swing between her legs when it was hanging down off her collar. So it was just trying to adapt to what I had, making sure that she was comfortable and come out with some photographs that were worthy.” TOP DOG As the claims state: it versatile, you can set the megapixels to a higher rate, you can shoot videos and stills, you can rotate the camera, it features a wide-angle lens, you can attach it to your surf board, car and as we proved, a dog. But did Noel find anything this camera cant do? "There no viewfinder so you just hope that you got the right angle. But I think that part of the fun of it, it almost like going back to film where you take your shots and roughly knew what you were doing, but didn’t know until you had come back and developed them. It the magic of that where you don’t really know what you shooting with the GoPro, it a nice surprise at the end." As a multi-media wizard that enables you to create time lapses, videos and stills, spurring on that element of creativity, this is one imaging tool on Noel wish list. "For the cost it not that expensive for what you get out of it in the sense of fun. With the GoPro promotional material it always associated with extreme sports, but I think that this is a great family camera too. It like your own TV show. I wouldn’t use it in a professional facility, but I would definitely use it with the family because it is waterproof, shockproof to a certain degree and you can take it everywhere with you as it doesn’t take up much space. Its like a new family member." The ultimate versatile camera with the essential fun factor, here at PM HQ we have been investigating a whole array of opportunities to play with the GoPro; from documenting car journeys to Googling whether or not we could hijack a cow for the day to be our GoPro bearer, this camera has no limits. Just ask the guy that sent it into space.

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