Gavin Meek

 Nikon D80

 Keen photographer Gavin reveals his top kit for capturing inspiring landscape and abstract shots

I started shooting in 2003, but it wasn t until I acquired a Nikon D80 in 2008 that my technique and quality really started to improve. After buying my D7000 [1] in 2010,

 Nikon D80

I took as many photos in 2011 as I had in the previous five years combined! I enjoy shooting abstracts and landscapes, and have recently joined a camera club and participate in a weekly Flickr project to push me into trying new techniques. Therealso a lot of photographic competition between my wife and me. This makes it easy to spend Jill time taking photos, but tiiere are occasional difficult decisions as to who uses which lens!

 Nikon D80

I generally shoot with the Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED VRIIAF-S DX lens [2], which is a great upgrade from the D7000 kit lens and a good all-in-one option for shooting landscapes, portraits or wildlife. The other lens I carry with me is the Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S [3], which is super fast-great for low light and portraits.

Ioften use the Nikon GP-1 [4], which adds GPS data to each image so I can map where I took each photo later in Lightroom or Aperture. Italso uploaded to Flickr with the image so friends can see where the pictures were taken. I use an Optech Neoprene Wrist Strap [5] instead of a neck strap to keep the camera secure and ready at all times while out shooting, especially when trying to get very low shots. ?

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