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1000D Lens

With an academic and professional background in Architecture, I was inclined towards the more subtler forms of arts, colours and nature. Not satisfied with a basic foundation course in photography, I followed up with a Diploma in Photography from the Centre for Photography (CEPT), Ahmedabad. But given the hectic and mechanical work schedule, I believed that essentially some creative distractions, especially the environs of nature would enable me to think differently and sharpen the required creative focus", says bird and photography lover Ruchee Soni.

This underlying belief enabled her to embark on a journey to discover

Look Ma, no Hands!

Bird Type : Indian Roller (Coracias Benghalensis)

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D Lens: Canon 55-250mm IS Aperture : f/5.6 Shutter speed: 1/4000 sec.

 1000D Lens Canon

ISO: 800

the abundance in nature through her lens.

In her quest to understand nature; especially birds, she started educatin herself in Nature Conservation and Ornithology. Her architectural sense definitely aided her, helping her create some good compositions and frames. Gradually she realised that Bird Photography, had almost become a field of study for her. Ruchee understood that once she would be exposed to the bird s behavior patterns, breeding habits, nesting periods, habitat and migrate etc, photography would only get more exciting and adventurous.

Bird Photography means to frame a moment that is quite literally, fleeting. The best training would

 1000D Lens Canon

Flair in the Air

Bird Type : Eurasian Spoonbills (Platalea Leucorodia)

Camera: Canon EOS 1000D

Lens: Canon 55-250mm L USM

 1000D Lens Canon

Aperture: f/5.6

Shutter speed: 1/3200 sec.

ISO: 400

be out there on the field. To add value to her work, she grabbed the opportunities that came along. Tracking back from her first exposure through an exhibition that was held at CEPT, (which was sponsored by Nikon), she has upped her ante to develop, educate and train herself to understand the avian species closer. This has resulted in her work not only getting better, but immensely rewarding at the same time.

Ruchee believes that her this is only a start and there are miles for her to walk before she can fly!

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