Experimental Portrait

Polaroid Model

What happens when a top fashion shooter plays around? He takes an unusual photo. Edwin Blumenfeld darkened his studio, leaving only a 750-watt keg spot fitted with a projection lens focused on model Nova Gilmer. He inserted a narrow metal strip between the lamp and the projection lens to produce the line down her face, then positioned a Deardorff View camera with a 14-inch f/6.3 Kodak Ektar lens at 45 degrees to her. Exposure on 8x10 Kodachrome Type B: 1 sec at f/11.

Polaroid Turns Pro

Although instant photography was widely welcomed by pros, Polaroid cameras were geared to amateurs until the arrival of the Polaroid Model 110 Pathfinder. With a proquality Wollensak Raptar f/4.5 lens, Rapax sync shutter, and coupled Kalart rangefinder, it became an instant success. Today this camera remains both a desirable user model and a valuable collectoritem. The price reflected its quality: approximately $250.

Polaroid Model

Well-Stocked Tool Kit

Opportunities in the growing field of television were hailed in this article on a potential new market for professional photographers.

 projection lens

The author, William 0. Crampton, set up the photo department at WSYR-TV in Syracuse, NY. Shown here: The three-man photo staff at the station, plus an impressive array of equipment, including a Polaroid Model 95 (the basic original) in the center of the picture.

Black Gold Mine Back in the days when the U.S. had oil aplenty, Tom Hollyman, a photographer/ editor for Holiday magazine, was asked by Shell Oil Company to produce a photographic portrait of the company and its operations. Among his dramatic images is this view of the Shell refinery in Wood River, 111., which worked around the clock. Hollyman made this photo using a view camera and a 5-second exposure at f/8.

Real Live Models

One of the leading photo schools of the time was School of Modem Photography in New York. Apart from modem equipment to work with, the school also offered a chance to work with professional models as part of its fashion photography course.

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