APS-C-format DSLRs


When it comes to creating unique high-performance lenses that expand your picture-taking horizons and enhance opportunities for creative expression, Sigma stands supreme. The quintessential optical quintet on this page all provide zoom ranges, focal lengths and aperture combinations that are available only from Sigma. And each is an optical jewel in its own right, combining cutting-edge design, meticulously crafted construction and stringent quality control to deliver outstanding performance, durability and lasting value. The five lenses in this exclusive array incorporate Hyper-Sonic Motors (HSM) for ultra-precise, virtually silent, high-speed AF. Many employ exotic ELD and SLD low-dispersion glass and FLD (fluorite equivalent) elements to achieve extraordinary sharpness, brilliance and color correction. All are made in Japan by a privately held family firm whose CEO is the founderson, ensuring Sigmaenduring commitment to providing lenses of unsurpassed quality.


A stunning super-speed telephoto macro lens and a superb portrait lens rolled into one, this optical classic gets down to 1:1 for extreme close-ups using a Floating Internal Focusing (FIF) system that provides a non-rotating front barrel. It delivers superb image quality thanks to enhanced DG design and three SLD elements, plus beautiful bokeh in backgrounds and foregrounds at its widest apertures for breathtaking pictorial effects. OS image stabilization gives you an edge in handheld shooting in low light.

 APS-C-format DSLRs

This exclusive ultra-wide zoom provides coverage equivalent to an astounding 12-24mm on APS-C-format DSLRs —the perfect choice for capturing expansive vistas, up”cramped interior spaces and exploring creative perspectives. It incorporates SigmaFLD (fluorite equivalent) and aspheric elements to provide outstanding sharpness, ultra-low distortion and superb color correction, and it focuses down to 9.4 inches for breathtaking close-ups.

 anti-shake advantage

With its large constant f/2.8 maximum aperture and extended range, this ultra-flexible telephoto zoom for full-frame and APS-C-format DSLRs lets you compose distant or close-up (to 4.9 feet) subjects quickly and easily without changing position. It incorporates Sigmaproprietary OS image stabilization giving up to a four-stop anti-shake advantage, employs SLD and FLD elements for outstanding color correction and image quality, and features internal focus and zoom, plus splash-proof construction.

This affordable ultra-telephoto zoom is ideal for nature, wildlife and sports. It covers full-frame and provides an astonishing 225-?50mm equivalent range on APS-C-format DSLRs. Its AP0 design uses three SLD elements for superb color correction and image quality, and its OS stabilization system gives up to a four-stop anti-shake advantage in handheld shooting. A rearfocus system ensures quick manual focus and a non-rotating front barrel, and it accepts Sigma EX 1.4X and 2X tele-converters to extend its reach.

An astonishing achievement in lens design, this impressive extreme telephoto zoom is the only one of its kind with a large f/5.6 constant maximum aperture at all focal lengths, making it the savvy prochoice for capturing unique nature, outdoor and sports images in any light. Its enhanced DG AP0 lens design uses two ELD glass elements to deliver superb sharpness, correction and color balance, and its rotating tripod mount can be easily detached. Sigma EX 1.4X and 2X tele-converters dramatically extend its range.

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