Eco – Friendly Light

The Rotolight Anova One is the light equivalent of a 1000 - watt tungsten bulb, yet it uses just 38 watts of power at full output. The wide - angle LEDs cover 110 degrees, nearly four times the illumination of standard models. The Anova Two is a bicolor LED system capable of reproducing white light from candlelight to full daylight. One dial allows a direct Kelvin calibration of 3120K to 5680K. Other features include fully wired DMX control, a V - Lock battery mount, wireless functionality and "Magic Eye" technology that allows you to use an iPhone or iPad to remotely measure color temperature and wirelessly transmit those color settings to the light. Brightness, color, system settings, infinite fade and firmware updates can all be controlled wirelessly. Estimated Street Price: TBA. Contact: Anova (R.T.S. Inc.), (631) 242-6801, Photo - Sharing App Eco - Friendly LightThe Tamron MyPhotoExhibits app for the iPad and iPhone allows on - the - go viewing and sharing of your 3D photo exhibits. MyPhotoExhibits is a website that offers an interactive interface, allowing you to create customizable 3D exhibitions of your work. Membership is free and setup is easy. Just upload high - resolution images and create your own exhibit space. A variety of wall and floor textures and colors for your gallery space are available, as well as photo frames, furniture and lighting options. Add more images or change how theydisplayed at any time. An unlimited number of exhibits can be created as well for featuring different themes. Share with clients by sending an invitation from the site, app and Facebook or other social media. Estimated Street Price: Free. Contact: Tamron. No Slipping Keep your DSLR firmly in place using the XX - Pad from UPstrap. Designed to prevent the camera strap from sliding down your shoulder, the pad allows you to carry a range of cameras that vary in weight. UPstrap offers nylon or kevlar webbing, and a heavy - duty quick - release system is available for the large - and medium - sized pads. Estimated Street Price: Starts at $33. Contact UPstrap, (850) 878-1088, www.upstrap - Video Rig The Flashpoint DSLR Movie Bundle is an affordable support solution that satisfies your filmmaking needs. It comes with a shoulder - mount bracket rig with two grips, a matte box, industry - standard 15mm rods, a follow - focus unit and gear belt. The rig is comfortable to operate, reducing arm and shoulder fatigue when youout shooting for a long time. The fully adjustable lever - locking design allows you to adjust camera positioning for comfort and best balance. The placement and angle of the handles also can be modified, and the large, smooth - turning knob of the geared focusing system lets you change focus without having to reach for the focusing ring of the lens. Built - in French flags reduce unwanted light and flares. Estimated Street Price: $459. Contact: Adorama (Flashpoint), (800) 223-2500,

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