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Use some simple editing steps to turn a basic photo into a creative news story design and announce a big occasion Sharing photos with friends and family is an extremely common part of photography. With the advance in technology and social networks iteasier than ever to share your photos instantly. With this ability to stay in contact with loved ones at all times, be it via smartphones, social networking, email or websites, sending out announcements and invitations couldnbe any simpler. This enhanced connectivity has really opened up the virtual invitation market. When youplanning on spreading some exciting news, italways much more fun and creative to develop an interesting way of sharing the information and extending an invitation to others. This allows you to share your personal headlines with a creative twist, providing both photographs and a small amount of descriptive text. By using a newspaper-style layout, your big announcement will automatically be attention-grabbing front-page news. This will undoubtedly help to portray the grand occasion and encourage everyone you know to join in and celebrate with you. With this in mind, wedeveloped a tutorial focusing on how you can turn a simple photo and a basic announcement into a breaking-news story. Wetake you all the way through capturing a great portrait, editing it into a newspaper and sharing it with your friends and family. Shoot! Capture a simple couple shot Select scene modes Scene modes are a great feature of digital cameras. You just have to tell the camera what type of shot you are taking, and it will decide on the ideal settings. Selecting Portrait mode is the simplest way of capturing an effective portrait. Try Aperture Priority If you want to take more control, or your camera doesncome with the right scene mode, switch to Aperture Priority. With this mode set, choose a wide aperture (low f-number) such as f2.8, so you can keep the subject in focus with the background blurry. Soften forced flash If you are shooting inside, try using your flash with a sheet of paper to bounce it up towards the ceiling. If youshooting outside, ensuring the camera is set to flash will allow you to fill in any harsh shadows, giving a more flattering look to your final shot. Experiment with zoom If you are shooting outside and have enough space, try stepping back from your subject and using your zoom. Yoube able to control the framing, and with a longer zoom the scene will be compressed, with the subjects separated from the background. Background distractions With many subjects, the background of the photo is just as important as the subject itself. A great shot can be easily ruined with anything distracting or unsightly in the background, so be sure to check your shots and try out different locations. Choose photo orientation If youshooting for a newspaper design, think about how your photos are going to appear before shooting in landscape or portrait orientation. However, with larger-megapixel cameras this isnessential, as you can simply crop your photos. Edit! Create your news story announcement for all to see Check document size Upon opening your editing software, youneed to create a new blank document. Yoube prompted to choose the size of the canvas, so check the dimensions of your image. If youplanning on printing, choose a common print size such as A4. Import your shot With your new document ready, you need to add your photo. Open your chosen photo with the editing program, and simply drag and drop it onto your newspaper canvas. If you have the dimensions right, youthen be able to resize your photo to fit. Give your paper a title To ensure your announcement looks like an authentic newspaper, youneed to add a title. Simply select the text tool from the left and select where you want to type. There are options along the top of the window to select a font and size of the type. Add in the front-page news Adding text not only ensures your canvas looks more realistic, but allows you to add some creativity with describing the announcement. Adding in captions, quotes and image comments can help to build the credibility of the look. Try out a grainy effect Rather than leaving the document as a blank canvas, adding a simple effect can help to provide a newspaper look. Navigate to Filter>Filter Gallery where yoube able to experiment with different looks. Use the Note Paper filter to give it a classic texture. Add any finishing touches Although the basic news story has been created, the effectiveness of your newspaper lies in the detail. Try using the same techniques as before to add in another story, more text and some design tweaks to give the look of a more realistic newspaper. Using Facebook Facebook is one of the most popular social networks at the moment, and allows you to keep in touch with friends and family as well as upload your own photos. Iteasy to upload your news story to Facebook and share it with those who you want to see it. Upload your newspaper If you already have a Facebook account, simply sign in and load your profile page. Here you can choose to upload a photo from your computer. Clicking this will prompt your computer to open a browser window, where yoube able to find and upload your image. Describe your image Once your news story has been uploaded, yougiven the option to add a description to accompany the photo. In this section you can detail what the photo is about, or alternatively add a small description that lends itself to the news-story theme. Share! Announce your news story with Facebook Tag and alert your friends A good way to alert your friends and family to the photo you have posted is to tag them in it. With Facebook you can tag a friend in any photo, which will send them a notification, alerting them that they appear in a new shot and prompting them to view it. Read all about it! With Facebook it s also possible to share your photo. This can be a simple process of just pasting it onto your profile page like you would a photo, or you can click with’and the newspaper will appear on your profile for everyone to see.

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