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Rogue Master Lighting Kit

Designed for advanced speedlight photographers who want to create multiple lighting setups using various accessories, Expolmaging is now offering the versatile Rogue Master Lighting Kit. It includes a large FlashBender reflector, large diffusion panel, small FlashBender reflector, bounce card/flag, universal gel kit, 3-in-l honeycomb grid, and grid gel kit. The suggested retail price is $199.95.

The Quantum CoPilot

The CoPilot is a compact, lightweight, user-friendly wireless TTL flash controller with autofocus assist. It allows you to easily set ratios for three groups of radio-controlled flashes (Qflash TRIOs or QF5d-Rs and/or any non-Quantum flash connected to a Quantum FreeXwire receiver) right from your camera. The infrared autofocus assist helps your camera to focus indoors or outdoors in low-light conditions. Simply mount the CoPilot to your camera s hot shoe and adjust the dials as you work. The device measures 3.6x1.8x2.3", weighs 5.2 oz, and has a range of 300 feet. The model QF91C is for use with Canon and the QF91N is for use with Nikon D-SLR cameras.

Calumet Pro Series Speedlight Powerblock 900

Compact and portable, the Pro Series Speedlight Powerblock 900 is ideal for /vedding and other location shoots. Measuring just 4.2x5.8x1.8" and weighing I lb, this device can be easily clipped to your belt or carried with a shoulder itrap to power most Canon, Metz, Nikon, Quantum, and Sony speedlights. It Matures a high-quality 9.6v/2000 mAh, Ni-MH battery to provide up to 500 :ull-power flashes from a two-hour charge and it recycles in 1 second. It has i four-LED power monitor that allows you to keep track of how much energy emains and the low power indicator blinks when the energy is low. The 3owerblock 900 comes with a belt clip, shoulder strap, universal charger, car :harger, and instruction manual. Other cables are sold separately.

New Kits From LumiQuest

LumiQuest is now offering three kits designed and created in the U.S.A. for specific photographic applications. The Strobist Kit ($76.95) features flash modifiers from David Hobby (www. and includes a LumiQuest SoftBox III, FXtra, and two UltraStraps. The Wedding/Event Kit ($68.95) includes a LumiQuest Quik Bounce, FXtra, and UltraStrap. The Location/Portrait Kit ($99.95) includes a SoftBox III, Snoot XTR, FXtra, and two UltraStraps.


Chimera Studio System Kits

Perfect for use in a small home studio, these lightweight kits are portable and easy to store. The Chimera Studio System Kit Basic includes three 42x82" frames, one 42x42" frame, four frame joiner sets (three clips each), two 42x82" white/ black panel fabrics, one 42x42" white/ black panel fabric, and a duffle bag to store it all. The suggested retail price is $775. The Chimera Studio System Kit Plus includes everything in the Basic Kit, plus the following: one 42x82" frame (total of four), two 42x82" white/ black panel fabrics, one 42x82" shoot through Chimera panel fabric, one 42x82" reflective silver/black panel fabric, one 42x42" reflective silver gold zebra/soft white panel fabric, two grip heads, and one frame joiner set (three clips each). The suggested retail price is $1400.

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