almost entire

By Paul Cooper

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ35 Exposure: l/50sec at f/3.6 (ISO 80)

PAUL SAYS: "After asking my I long-suffering model/son to Hj face the window behind me.

. I tried to catch as much detail of his eyes as possible using the macro setting and playing with the exposure so the ligh: areas would not burn out. I then tweaked i: a little in Photoshop."

DANIEL LEZANO: It s testament to Paul s skills and the capabilities of his camera that it came as a surprise to me to find out that this image was captured on a compact.

The use of window light works a treat, providing a diffused .ight that brings out his son s features and gently falls off into shadow, as well as providing a pronounced and appealing catchlight. Converting to mono was a very good call, too. The portrait suffers somewhat due to the distraction of the hood over the nearest eye, pulling it away would improve things greatly. The only other quibble is the subject s taut expression - a small smile would improve the overall result.

almost entire

Verdict: Paul s captured an interesting and technically proficient portrait that just fails on a couple of minor points.

LEE FROST: I never fail to be impressed by the image quality that modern compact cameras are capable of, and Pauls portrait is a good example. He shot it using a digital compact, albeit a very good one, yet the detail, sharpness and clarity is what I d expect from a digital SLR. You can see the texture in his skin and the detail in his eyes.

Technically, Paul s shot is faultless: the quality of light is perfect for a portrait; the background is dark and unobtrusive; there are catchlights in his son s eyes, but they don t dominate; the exposure is on the button; and the black b white conversion works well. I like the tight composition, too, with his face filling almost the entire frame.

Where it falls short for me is firstly in his sonfacial expression. He looks a bit nondescript; not happy, not sad, but perhaps unsure of what hesupposed to be doing. Secondly, the eye closest to the camera is partly obscured by the boy s hood. As that s the eye most in focus and the one our own eyes immediately go to,

I feel it should be in f jll view.

Verdict: Technically superb with a couple of minor flaws.

" The exposure is on the button and the black & white conversion works well. I also like the tight composition, with the face filling almost the entire frame " leefrost

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