Back up your photos to iPad

Use a card reader to transfer photos straight to your device The iPad is a great device for editing and sharing photos, with thousands of apps available to help you. But what if you want to transfer photos onto your iPad that you have taken on a different camera? You could back up using iTunes or by emailing photos individually to Mail and then saving them, but there is an easier way. With the iPad Camera Connection Kit you can plug an SD card reader into your iPad and download photos in an instant, and thereeven a separate device that allows you to plug your camera in via a USB lead. This is useful not only for speeding up the transfer and cutting out the middle man process of using iTunes, but italso great for backing up while out and about. For example, if you are on holiday, you can instantly back up and share your shots and even delete photos from your memory card to create more space for further snaps. It is available for ?25/$29 but there are also third-party card readers available too. Follow our tutorial and yousee just how easy this device makes transferring photos to your iPad. Transfer your shots Store images on your iPad Insert the card Find the SD card that contains the photos you want to transfer to your iPad and insert it into the SD card reader. Now turn on your iPad by holding down the button on the top and sliding the bar on the screen to unlock it. Connect card reader Now place the card reader (with the SD card inserted) into the iPad using the dock connector port at the bottom. The iPad will automatically take you to a new tab in the Photos app called Camera. It will load up all of the photos from your SD card. Select photos When the photos have loaded you will see them as thumbnails. Tap to select individual photos. You can tap Delete Selected to get rid of these, or you can tap Import. You are given the option to select only those you have selected, or to import them all. Delete imported photos As your photos import, a message will pop up offering to delete the imported photos from the memory card. This is helpful to back up your photos and create room on the card to carry on shooting —but only do this if you are happy for them to be erased. View your images When you tap the Photos tab at the top, you will see your selected photos are now backed up to your iPad. Click on the thumbnail to view the photo and tap on the box-and-arrow icon for options to instantly share your shot. Create an album To put these into an album, tap the Albums tab and go to Last Import to find all of the shots you uploaded. Tap the box-and-arrow icon then select the images you want in the album. Tap Add to..., then Add to New Album, enter the album name then Save. Connect with the USB cable Instead of using the SD card reader, you can transfer your images to an iPad straight from your camera, using the cameraUSB cable. The process is very similar but follow these steps to see how itdone. Set it up Turn on your iPad and then attach the Camera Connector to the dock connector port on the iPad. Next, turn on your camera and attach the USB cable to it. Connect it Check your manual to see if therea mode that your camera needs to be in to transfer files. Then connect the USB cable to the Camera Connector that is already plugged in to your iPad. Import You will then see a screen where your photos will load from your camera. You can select which ones you want to import. If this doesnwork, make sure the cables are all firmly connected.

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