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Every photographer now has a Facebook page and a template-based blog, and you might think a quick-to-build social media profile is all you need in order to be discovered by potential clients. But as lifestyle photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith found out, the real client stream comes from a personalised, professionally built website with individual branding at the heart of the design.

When Lifestyle photographer Kate Hopewell-Smith contacted Amazing Internet two and a half years ago, she was looking for a web design company that could accommodate her already established brand into a website. She was surprised to find that from the start, Amazing Internet went above and beyond what she had expected. "My brand had already been developed for print, and a designer had come up with a concept for the web, but the guys at Amazing Internet had a look at it and came up with a much better rendition of the brand for online-it was simpler and more effective.”Amazing Internet created a bespoke website for Kate, and it didntake long before she started to notice the difference. had clients from Australia who found me on Google, and although I donpay to come up first in Google searches, Amazing Internet have done enough SEO coding to make sure I still show up on the first page.”On several occasions, Kate has been told by clients that the individuality of her website made her look better than her competitors. summer I was contacted by Hallmark UK with a brief for a commercial job. When I asked them where theyfound me, they said they searched for lifestyle photographers on Google. They told me it had been very difficult to distinguish between photographers as peoplewebsites all looked the same and they would forget one website after seeing the next. Mine was the only one they could remember, and thatwhy they contacted me,”Kate says and adds, think many photographers believe all they need is a white, unobtrusive background that doesndistract the viewer from the picture. But in reality not all clients are able to tell a good picture from a bad one, and some need a little more persuasion from your branding. Ita bit like going to the supermarket and choosing a bottle of wine-if you know nothing about wine the label has to be convincing. I believe Amazing Internet has done that for me-created a convincing label-and I think itreally worth the investment to get a proper website.”

Kate was surprised to realise just how important it is that blogs and social media profiles lead potential clients back to the website. Internet almost knew more about what I wanted than I did, particularly when it came to my blog. Seventy five per cent of the traffic to my website comes via my blog because search engines tend to pick up on blog content quicker than other content. Amazing Internet have made sure that the look and branding of my website and blog are consistent, so the visitors to my blog can follow my brand all the way through to the point of contact on my website.”

Now, two years after her site went live, Kate is impressed with the continuing care and service that Amazing Internet provide. "They are very straight-forward and Inever had any technical problems. The site went down once, and they called me straight away to let me know that they were fixing the problem. And every time I need to update my website they are there to help immediately. My website is my shop window, and I can definitely track a lot of the business I get back to the site created by Amazing Internet".


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As Kateexperience shows, her website has become an important part of her business because it shows her clients that she can offer something different.

Art directors and picture editors who regularly look for new photography will recognise a lazy template solution straight away, and even customers who are searching for a photographer for the first time, such as a couple about to get married, will quickly notice which websites have been built with care, and which haven. If your website screams template’, potential clients might assume that your photography reflects this lack of attention to detail. If, on the other hand, your website is beautiful, professional-looking and built to show exactly why your work is what your client needs, chances are you ll get the commission.


It is easy to understand why many photographers have opted for a basic website template with no individuality and low searchability. To achieve a consistent, individual brand across your website, blog and social media profiles, with the right e-commerce setup and a look that leaves a lasting impression, you need the skills of a graphic designer and the know-how of a technical web team. The skilled web designers at Amazing Internet have got all this covered, and they have years of experience in helping photographers build their own personal brand. Often, photographers contact Amazing Internet with an idea based solely on what they have already seen on their competitors’websites. As part of their Bespoke service, Amazing Internet help you clarify and crystalise your own ideas, and work in collaboration with you throughout the design process to create a website that conveys your unique identity in an innovative and professional-looking way.


Amazing Internetbespoke service is a website designed entirely from scratch. The experienced team turns your ideas and requirements into a completely personal website, designed to show exactly who you are and what you do. Amazing Internet have specialised in creating websites for professional photographers for over ten years, and they put their expertise into all the steps, from consultation through to design, brand creation, social networking integration, blog incorporation and the oh-so-necessary SEO coding of your website. And the service doesnstop when the website is created-the expert team continues to be at hand for ongoing support and development. Donworry if you don t yet have a logo-Amazing Internetexcellent and super creative designers will listen to your ideas and help you build your own unique brand. The extra investment in a bespoke website is worth it; in fact, many of Amazing Internet s bespoke clients report back to say that their custom-built website has paid for itself within a few weeks of going live. If you don t believe them, take Kate Hopewell-Smithword for it.

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