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Ross Hoddinott reveals how easy it is to create an Albelli photo book

IT REALLY DOESN T MATTER how good your photographs are; if they re not presented well, they won t stand out. You only have one opportunity to make a good first impression when you meet cr approach potential clients or picture buyers. Therefore, it is essential you present yourself professionally - regardless of whether you are professional or not.

Even in this digital age, there is still no better way to view your photographs than in print. The affordability and quality of Albelli s photo books make them the perfect choice for photographers wanting to showcase their work. It offers a wide choice of varying sizes and formats, starting at Ј6.95, all printed to the very highest standard. Designing your photo book couldn t be simpler. Either design your product online, or download the Albelli photo book creator tool for free and start creating.

Photo books can prove a great publicity tool. After a gallery recently approached me, enquiring about selling my work, I decided a photo book would be the ideal product to help showcase my portfolio. It is something you can leave witn a prospective client in order to remind them of the style and quality of your work. In this instance, I opted fora square-format book. Using the Albelli photo book creator tool, I quickly imported a selection of suitable images. I added a cover image to help make my product stand out and, using the sty.ish, easily customisable Albelli templates, I quickly arranged the images into the layout of my choice, and

added accompanying text. Using the Albell software, it is possible to create your book anytime, anywhere -1 designed mine one evening, at home, after the kids had gone to bed, while enjoying a glass of white. With my book complete, I clicked Order and completed checkout. A few days later, the book arrived on my doorstep ready to show my client and leave a lasting impression.

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