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like so many, applaud Amateur Photographer s support for the right of photographers to lawfully continue taking photographs without suffering harassment or worse. And Itired of so-called  personalities’wanting their privacy and not wanting to be photographed. A good many years ago, I recall a famous film star, when asked if he was concerned about being constantly photographed and asked for his autograph, replied,  I darn well would get very concerned if all those people ignored me.’

Reflecting back to a more relaxed and tolerant age, in the early post-war years, I, as an NCO in the Royal Air Force stationed on the island of Malta GC, was part of the Guard of Honour formed from all three Services at the unveiling of the new war memorial.

The principal at the ceremony was Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten accompanied by Lady Mountbatten and their daughter.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, I, with some trepidation, approached this most illustrious personage, having first taken my much-used Kodak Retina 1 35mm small folding camera out of my pocket, saluted him and asked him I might take a photo. Lord Louis smiled at me and said,  Certainly, but do take my good side.’What a gentlemanly contrast to the present-day climate and attitudes faced by photographers.

As a footnote, some years ago I sent a copy of this photograph to HRH Prince Philip, the late Lord Louis being his uncle, and received a most kind letter in reply. I am afraid we have lost, or are in the process of losing, a more gracious age, especially for we photographers. Norman Lees, Somerset

adults who have not been approached and agreed to being photographed. As Tim van Someren asks in his letter in the same issue, what harm is done? Back at the dawn of photography, some tribesmen used to think a person taking their photograph was taking their soul. It seems that in our enlightened age we have come full circle, in that we now see the still camera as an evil device capable of inflicting such damage on our kids.

 compact bridge

David Dawson, Cheshire

A RATIONAL EXPLANATION Regarding Andrew Reading s letter, The end is nigh (AP 7 July), I still believe film will be around for many years to come. Unlike his, my local Boots still processes film, as do other shops in the city, but what the local Boots store doesndo any more is sell printer cartridges, paper and so on. This,

I am told, is a commercial decision due to competition with other outlets. My point is that product rationalisation is sometimes the reason for the exclusion of a previously sold item, rather than obsolescence!

Neil Roberts, Lincolnshire

THE DIZZY DAYS OF DIGITAL I love everything about digital photography and the never-ending innovations that appear with each new camera-well, most of them! Each of the many cameras Icollected has its own special charm, be it compact, bridge, micro four thirds, APS-C or full frame, but here is my wish list of

innovations and introductions in time for Christmas.

 compact bridge

1. My SLRs could not get any better for a keen snapper like myself, but i do wish that Nikon would hurry up and bring out some pancake lenses, a la Pentax and now Canon.

2.1 adore the aspect ratio changer on the throat of the lens on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. Itso accessible-cropping on the computer just isn t the same! Other camera manufacturers (all formats) take not-aspect ratio changer on the body, please, not in the menu.

3. Ilike to see a built-in lens hood on compact and bridge cameras, which opens and retracts as the camera is switched on and off. It would also adjust its coverage

as the lens is zoomed, of course. Ipay a premium for this facility.

4. How about sensor selectivity in a single body? Ricoh pioneered this concept, attaching a different-sized sensor to each interchangeable lens. Imagine having the freedom to select, at the flick of a switch or rotation of a dial, between a) standard Bayer (with or without anti-aliasing filter); b) Fujifilm random array; c) Sigma Foveon; and d) Leica Monochrom!

5. Finally, bespoke and affordable camera cases, as per the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5. This product is a dream and other manufacturers should follow Panasonic s lead, though I guess that not every model

is destined to become a classic, as the LX5 has PP Ho, London W5

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